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937 miles of road trips

Eastern Montana is filled with wide open spaces waiting for you to explore. From the canyons of the north to the plains of the south. From the foothills in the west to the wide open spaces of the east. Discover ghost towns, mountains, Amish grocery stores, prairies, canyons, and the big skies Montana is famous for. Eastern Montana is ready for you to get in the car and drive and Roundup is the perfect home base for your rural road trips.  


country corners

Roundup > Harlowton > Eddie’s Corner > Grass Range > Roundup

207 Miles | 3.5 Hours

This loop connects four communities that are pillars of the Southeast Montana agriculture community. With 207 miles of open highway, these rural roads are lightly traveled. With no traffic, it is the perfect road trip to take at your own pace and enjoy some of the greatest wide open spaces our country has to offer. 

Route Directions

Leave Roundup heading West on US 12. Turn North on US 191 in Harlow. Head East on US 87 towards Grass Range and head South on US 87 into Roundup. 

Route Highlights

Big Sky Grocery (Amish Grocery Store)

Judith Gap Wind Farm

Big Snowy Mountain and Crystal Lake


Forsyth loop

Roundup > Forsyth > Billings > Roundup

253 Miles | 4 Hours

Start in some of the most remote parts of the country as you travel past the skeletons of true western towns. Explore Forsyth nestled along the Badlands and the Yellowstone River before following Lewis and Clark’s trail towards Billings driving past historic sites. Finally, you’ll drive through the Bull Mountains. 

Route Directions

Leave Roundup heading East on US 12 towards Forsyth, turn towards Billings on I-90, finally take US 87 back to Roundup. 


Route Highlights

Historic Jersey Lilly

Battle at the Little Bighorn

Pompei’s Pillar


Missouri breaks

Roundup > Zortman > Roundup

232 Miles | 4 Hours

The Missouri River (the longest river in North America) starts in the Rocky Mountains and winds its way down through Montana before eventually joining the Mississippi in Missouri. Over centuries, the river has carved its way through the rocky plains of Eastern Montana leaving a landscape that is out of this world. 


Head north from Roundup on US 87. Continue North on US 19 into Zortman. Turn around and take the same route back into Roundup.  

Route Highlights

Views of the Missouri Breaks

James Kipp Wildlife Refuge

Zortman (mining ghost town)

Crazy mountains

Roundup > Harlowton > Big Timber> Billings > Roundup

245 Miles | 4 Hours

Montana is the fourth largest state in the nation made up of more than 147,000 square miles. In the East, Montana is known for wide open spaces and never ending plains. This road trip takes you to the foothills of one of the most iconic ranges in that state famous for defining the barrier between the east and the west.


Leave Roundup heading West on US 12. Turn South on US 191 in Harlow. Take I-90 south towards Billings and US 87 back into Roundup. 

Route Highlights

Crazy Mountain Range

Otter Creek Fishing Access

Pictograph Cave State Park

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