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Art affects community

Art has the power to turn a blank page into poetry, a quiet room into song, an empty bowl into a feast, a found object into treasure, a woolen thread into a warm cloak; A log, marble, canvas, or clay into David, the Mona Lisa, or Teddy Blue Abbot crossing the Musselshell. Art has the power to turn a vacant alley into a limitless avenue for the imagination. Art is a deeply personal experience for the person who has the chance to interact it.

Holding the power to unite, or to divide - Simply as a matter of taste.

“Art is the language that allows people to communicate when every other language fails.” Troy Evans

Art is a technique in communication… Art is the act of creation. Art can go beyond the act of creation. I do not believe art can be created void of love. I believe art is an expressive act of love.

I also believe it can be an act of prayer. All of these things can come together to reflect the history of a place, celebrate the present, and shape the future of the people who live there. Art makes us uniquely human. Whereas, giving us the ability - the opportunity to find common ground.

I reflect fondly on the place that shaped my early life. Growing up in a small farmhouse on a little spot of land, my imagination was fueled by outdoor adventure. My artistic sensibilities fed by the arts my parents chose for our home, and the art that filled the public spaces throughout the nearby city of Dallas. Those same experiences shape the very choices in the way I make my life today.


Author’s note: When invited to put together a few words on the power of art in a small community, feeling it is truly a subject with a broad range, and countless ways to answer. I polled my friends on social media. Attached below are screenshots from the thread. They are each unique and insightful. Certainly worth sharing with you all.

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