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CM Russell Wetland Management District

The Charles M. Russell Wetland Management District starts just 24 miles away from the center of Roundup. The mixed grass praries of Lake Mason National Wildlife Refuge provide the perfect habitat for over 50 species of marsh, water, and shore birds. Most notably, Lake Mason provides refuge for at risk birds including the Mountain Plover, the long-billed curlew and the Sprague’s pipit. Across the District the most common non-game birds in the uplands are horned lark, vesper sparrow, Brewer’s sparrow, Savannah sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, lark bunting, and Montana’s state bird, the western meadow lark.

Greater sage grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, and gray partridge thrive across the District with the greater sage grouse being the most abundant upland game bird.

Raptors such as northern harrier, ferruginous hawk, red-tailed hawk, golden eagle, burrowing owl, and short-eared owl are often seen foraging or nesting. In winter, rough-legged hawks and bald eagles are common. 

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